Is Video Gaming Something That Stays With You?

I have often wondered what I will be like when I get older.  Being that I play video games in my spare time now I wonder if I will still be into video games when I get much older.  Is it possible for this to be one of the ageless male side effects that we continue doing in the future what we do now?  I meet a lot of older people in my line of work, and they don’t care for video games.  In my opinion this is because there weren’t a lot of video games in their younger years.  I realize that back then there was the Atari, but for the most part technology wasn’t even close to what it is today.  Kids of these times have everything in their grasp.  I don’t know if I will be able to play like I do now, but I sure do hope I can still get into the First Person Shooters like I currently do.

Are you older?  Do you play video games?  When did you get your first video game system?

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