Gaming While Camping

Last week when I got to my camper one of my neighbors stopped by and was talking to me.  We discovered that both of us played video games on the Playstation 3.  Shortly thereafter he had me stop by his camper and help him get his Playstation 3, television, and his games.  Being that I usually only play my Playstation 3 on the internet I was a little out of my element.  We both grabbed some good cigars, and played games for @ 2 hours.  I ended up helping him get through a checkpoint on one of the games he has been playing.

We not have decided that on Friday nights we are going to hang out and play some different games.  We have even thrown the idea of setting the game system up on the camp screen that is setup on the party field.

We will see how that goes if we can get it to happen.

Battlefield Things That I Want To Get My Hands On

Battlefield 4 is in the near future, and I cannot wait.  Since Battlefield became one of my most favorite games I have seen many things that I would like to get my hand on.  I have also seen some really craft things created based on the Battlefield game.  I have seen some of the 3D creations that have been made that are very closely similar to actual levels in the game.  One of the things that I have seen that I want is the “Portable Projector” that one of the people carried around during the weeks prior to one of the title releases. If I can’t have any of those things maybe I can get my hands on something like the custom tablecloths with logo here.

Battlefield has done a great job at putting the hurt to many other “Series” that are out there.  It is going to take a lot for any game of this style to catch up.  With the upcoming release of Battlefield 4 just adds additional weight to the other companies trying to keep up, or catch up.

I Love My Battlefield So Find Me Some Goods

I am a long time Battlefield fan.  I have purchased all of the console versions, and a few of the PC versions.  I play whenever I get a chance.  One of the few things that I have never seen made is some sort of a auto car cover.  I would love to have a cover so that my car, or truck could look like a vehicle from the Battlefield series.  This would be a great way to leave everyone wondering, and also show off how much I love the game.

Do you have the desire to have something that you have never seen?